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At ReliveDigital we believe that enjoying, sharing, organising and preserving your photos and home movies, whether old or new, should be easy and fun. 

New internet technologies and wireless devices have changed how we take, view and share our photos and home movies. We can now share and enjoy these with family and friends anywhere in the world on devices and technologies that just keep getting better and better. It has never been easier.

Nevertheless, our old photos and home movies, while amongst our most precious possessions, remain mostly stuck in an off-line world often out of reach, neglected and missing from our lives, stored away in a box.

In 2009, Robert Sanchez and Shelly Parer, the founders of ReliveDigital started looking at how we might do something about this. We’d struggled to preserve, digitise and share our own family photos and thought there must be a solution to bring our old photos and movies into our new digital lives, to view and share these online and in the process safeguard them for future generations. 

Since then we have brought together and developed a suite of innovative and high quality solutions that enable us to digitise photos, slides, negatives, films and videos and bring them back to life, restoring each memory to its former glory. Our systems are designed to ensure your materials are handled safely at every step of the process and our results are high quality. Finally, our online gallery makes it easy to view, share and organise all your materials while keeping them as private as you wish or sharing over social media. Everything is backed-up and secure on our world class infrastructure. 

The ReliveDigital team of digital technicians and software developers is highly skilled and we’re proud of what we have achieved and the solutions we have assembled. Most of all we love being part of something unique and special and witnessing the delight we bring to our clients, their family and friends when they first rediscover their digitised memories. 

What surprises do you have waiting to be rediscovered?

We hope you enjoy ReliveDigital too.

ReliveDigital - Life’s made of memories!