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Digitisation process

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We use an advanced frame by frame capture system that digitises each frame in HD. We use the latest cool LED lighting technology to balance colour and optimise exposure. Our equipment features an oversized gate to ensure that we capture as much detail as possible. Once captured we then rebuild your movie on our graphics workstations.

Delivered online

All footage is converted to h264 MPEG4, optimised for streaming in 1080p HD and uploaded to your own online gallery. We can upload your movies to as unlisted Youtube videos and playlist where they can be easily watched and shared, while remaining effectively private and at no extra cost. Each playlist and video will have have their own unique link. You can access your movies and share them simply by emailing the same link. Simple and safe while easy to share.


Barcodes and filenames

As soon as we receive your films and videos we will barcode them with a unique number so we can track them each step of the way. Each film or video will have their own barcode. Once digitised your files will be named with the same barcode so you can easily match them to the original. Of course, once uploaded you are free to rename, label, tag and add comments as you wish.

Captured using Pro equipment

All our scanning is done by hand using our frame by frame system that captures each frame in HD. We use cool LED lights to minimise the risk of burning your film and provide in process colour and exposure adjustment. Our machines use oversized gates that ensure we capture all the the detail  in your film.

Post Processing and enhancements

All movies are manually cropped to maximise the detail we capture. Your films will be post processed with some image and colour enhancement applied if necessary. This may include colour balancing and image stabilisation where necessary. 


Un-compressed AVI files for editing or archiving

We can supply you with the un-compressed full size AVI files of your movies. This file format is ideal for long term archival purposes as it contains all the detail of your footage. These files are very large and will typically need to be delivered on an external HDD.

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